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New cows on the farm

This week on has been a bit different from past weeks. This week we got two new animals that are taking up lots of our time. This week we got two Jersey cows, mama, and her heifer calf. We name mama Clarabelle, and the baby is Annabelle, after my favorite Christmas cartoon growing up.

Mom has been in milk for two months, and the baby is a handful. She is not tame, so we are working with her a lot. Mom is a great cow, halter broke and very tame. We milked mom once daily, and the baby didn't love this setup. We had a few gates between them, and mama would back herself up to the gate and let the calf nurse. So this made it so we would come out in the morning with no milk. Thankfully we added some cow panels to the gates, and now the baby cannot get to nurse through the gates.

Clarabelle's milk tastes so good, and I am happy we did not pass up this opportunity to get them. Michael was searching Bisman and saw them and said we must try and do what we can to get these cows. So that is what I did. I went to our bank, spoke with them, and got a small loan to buy the two cows. With the price of milk, butter, and cream, this will be an excellent investment for us.

One of these days, Bessie will have her calf, and then we can start making other items with the milk. But at this time, we are only getting around 2 gallons a day, and the family is enjoying all that.

Oh, these lovely days we have been having are doing us wonders. We are getting so much done. With it being so gorgeous outside, milking in the barn has been beautiful. My hands have not been cold at all, which makes milking more enjoyable. Clarabelle's back teats are on the small side, which I don't love or enjoy, but she is a delightful cow, which helps. She stands and eats and doesn't fuss about me taking a long time milking.

The goats are getting so fussy. I can't help but laugh when I see them. Even their faces puff up. Goats are cute to me no matter what, but with their winter coats, they are even more adorable. Bellies are getting bigger and bigger each day, and I can't wait to see all the color combinations we get this year. It sure will be interesting to see what we get. I know they will be cute, but I won't keep any males again this year. Instead, I will consider a few females, depending on the parents. I have wanted a female out of my Snowflake. She is a favorite to hand milk, so we shall see.

Overall it has been a great week, and I hope we have a nice winter. However, I know we will get our cold days. It is a given with where we live, but each day like this will make those a bit easier to handle. I will still complain about the cold, but at fewer those days, the better.

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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