How we got here!

In 2010, I (Julia) met Michael online and we started our journey, we met in person on day 6 of talking and with in 2 days we were engaged and I moved to North Dakota from South Dakota. I grew up in a small town, I had no farm experience, I had rode horses at friends houses but that was it. We had dogs and a few other small pets, but I never dreamed I would have the zoo we have had over the last 11 years. We first lived on the family farm, we lived there for 5 years. During those 5 years we had 3 daughters and 3 stays in NICU's it was a very long and hard 5 years. Our oldest daughter had 3 strokes at age 1, we found ourselves fighting the hospitals and Doctors in our area. We really only had 1 choice and that was to move to Minnesota to have better health care. So in 2015 as a family of 5 we picked up and moved to Minnesota. Well in Minnesota we welcomed 2 sons, what a joy that was to be able to add to our family. Our oldest got the therapies and treatments she needed, we had many challenges in Minnesota that almost drove our family apart but thanks to God we were able to pull through. We lived in Minnesota until 2019 when our daughter had her last major surgery and we were ready to go home. We traveled back and forth many time during those 4 years. We moved onto our farm December 1st, 2019, with the thought we would be selling our Minnesota house soon and things would just go smooth.

Here we are in Fall of 2020 with 4 of our now 5 pups.. Then 2020 hit and everything we planned that would happened changed or had to be thought of different. Like everyone in 2020 we had to make sure we had enough food and supplies due to the shortenings the world was facing, I went a bit crazy buying chicks and goats but we love our animals and we made it through 2020 with not bad of an outcome.

The guy at tractor supply told me not to do this, but omg I had to so I could get this photo. Here we are in 2021 and still have our house in MN to sell but we have been able to make it through, our farm is looking to have a good year with many baby goats coming, and a huge garden being planned. I look forward to learning more things and taking you all on this journey with us. I hope you will come along.

Hope our Nubian goat is due to have her first batch of babies in April, we are so excited. They will be be Mini Nubians she was breed to a Nigerian Dwarf named Elvis. Over the next few weeks I will be showing you how we are starting our seeds and getting ready for nice weather. I have to do something nice as it is -45 with wind chill here in ND today and I have to think of warmer days or I may just cry.....

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