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OUR Journey

We have started on a journey, we have started a Dairy Goat farm. With our Dairy farm we make soaps, cheese and all kinds of yummy treats. We hope you will come along with us on this journey with us!!


ABOUT Boots & Hooves Acres

We are the Pugh's we live in Souris, ND 1mile from the Canadian border. Yes the place where it gets colder then cold more often then not. We are a family of 7 dad(Michael) mom(Julia) 3 daughters & 2 sons and a zoo of animals. 
We moved to the farm we are on now, Dec. 1st 2019 we moved here with 1 dog and a few cats. 1 year later we have 30+ goats, 1 Beautiful Jersey Calf over 150 birds and 6 dog and many cats & a breeding pair of Kune Kunes. Who knows what Julia will bring home next. So if you love farm animals or just watching people live crazy lives then come follow us because there is always something crazy going on here.



Our Story